Galway Bakers- Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Premier provider of Irish baked goods since 2004.

The Galway Bakers consists of three sisters, Gretta, Irene and Dolores, from Turloughmore, Co. Galway.  They grew up baking bread with their mother and grandmother, and these are the recipes still used today and make up the cornerstone of their bakery.

The Galway Bakers was formed in October of 2004 following requests for bread and desserts for parties and gatherings that the sisters had become known for.

The sisters of The Galway Bakers bake a variety of breads which are carried by Irish shops in Chicago and surrounding areas, and served in restaurants and “Tea Rooms” at Irish Festivals.  The Galway Bakers are vendors at Irish Festivals at The Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, as well as other Festivals in and around the Midwest.

Galway Bakers

When Gretta Yore left Galway as a young woman to emigrate with her mother and five younger sisters to Chicago, she never thought the brown bread her mother baked from scratch every day would come to be considered a delicacy.  Her grandmother had been known to make it in a three-legged cast-iron oven over an open fire, and “baking was nothing special to us,” she says. “We just did it. We didn’t have shop bread.”

-Chicago Reader

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